About Us

Hello, my name is Lucas and I am a passionate hobby pianist. I come from Munich in Germany and I am 23 years old. I have been playing the piano since 2016.

Animes have always been an important part of my childhood. Animes like Naruto, OnePiece but also Digimon were animes that already showed me as a child, how important things like friendship, .. and ambition are.

About Us 2

And especially because animes have shaped my childhood so much, anime music has a very emotional and nostalgic value for me.

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When I then also discovered my passion for the piano, a dream was finally born. The dream of a complete and comprehensive library of all the anime songs that have shaped my childhood so much. That was the beginning of Youtube.


Of course I am also a passionate gamer and really love modern music. That’s why you will find also lots of songs from video games, movies and much more on this webside. But why don’t you take a look around?